JLSN Empowers

Founded in 2019, JLSN’s signature community project, JLSN Empowers, works to make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

JLSN EMPOWERS the next generation

In partnership with LiveGirl Inc., LiveGirl League is an eight-week program that creates change agents and leaders ready to make a positive impact in their community. The League’s youth-led model encourages every young woman to strengthen her community connections, harness the power of her voice, and work collaboratively with others to make positive change.

JLSN EMPOWERS women in Fairfield County

Our volunteers support local nonprofits that serve women and families throughout our eight towns in central Fairfield County.

JLSN EMPOWERS our members

Through leadership development and training, we empower our members as community leaders and change agents. Junior League women are encouraged to use their League training to create positive change in the world. Throughout our 95+ year history, JLSN members have gone on to become founders and leaders of local nonprofits.