history_imageOn February 9, 1923, the first JLSN officers were elected to lead a group of 40 members who provided volunteer services to local charitable organizations including the Visiting Nurse Association, the

Associated Charities, the Children’s Home, Neighborhood House, the Red Cross, and Stamford Hospital. The organization grew quickly and by 1925, 100 members had performed 4,660 hours of community service.


Since that time, JLSN has founded or participated in the establishment of more than 88 community agencies, including Domestic Violence Services, Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Shelter for the Homeless (Pacific House), The Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County, The Women’s Crisis Center, and the Fairfield County Women’s Center at Norwalk Community College.

Our League members continue to volunteer countless hours each year as trained community volunteers.


JLSN Founding Board of Directors

Gertrude Ingersoll, President Margaret Douglas, Vice President
Helen Betts Isabel Pitt
Marguerite Daly Leslie Sawyer
Kathryn Durey Ada Stebbins
Harriet Kelley Catherine Sherrill
Adele Knobloch


JLSN Past Presidents

Leslie Carman, Elizabeth Clark 2022-2023
Leslie Carman 2021-2022
Elizabeth “Bits” Catino 2019-2021
Caroline Sadowska 2018-2019
Char Zoller 2017-2018
Stephanie O’Brien Putnam 2016-2017
Lindsay Bohnsack 2015-2016
Kerry Safir 2014-2015
Susan Bridges 2013-2014
Sarah Neumann 2012-2013
Amy Bien 2011-2012
Angelica Oxford 2010-2011
Stephanie Fairleigh 2009-2010
Julie Halloran 2008-2009
Karen Gibbons 2007-2008
Lisa M. Ferraro 2006-2007
Gina Z. Blum 2005-2006
Catherine Garvey 2004-2005
Kathy Bendheim 2003-2004
Noelle Hughes 2002-2003
Lisa Lillie 2001-2002
Andrea K. Cross 2000-2001
Martha G. Witte 1999-2000
Lisa U. Stout 1998-1999
Ann Wilbur McCulloch 1997-1998
Sandra W. Channell 1996-1997
Mary Thompson Lee 1995-1996
Lisa F. Bannerot 1994-1995
Cecilia Queeney Maher 1993-1994
Michele Califano Stevens 1992-1993
Sharon W. Phillips 1991-1992
Debra Burns Melican 1990-1991
Mrs. S. Jane Peck 1989-1990
Mrs. Andre Pierre Van Parys 1988-1989
Mrs. James L. Martin 1987-1988
Mrs. Richard C. Grove 1986-1987
Mrs. Robert G. McGroarty 1985-1986
Mrs. Robert E. Gamber 1984-1985
Mrs. William J. Raver 1983-1984
Mrs. John J.B. Stoetzer, Jr. 1982-1983
Mrs. Jay M. Forrester 1981-1982
Mrs. William B. Mahony 1980-1981
Mrs. John C. Byers 1979-1980
Mrs. S. Leroy Reed 1978-1979
Mrs. Stanley A. Krok, Jr. 1977-1978
Mrs. Theodore H. Smith, III 1976-1977
Mrs. George C. Vest 1974-1976
Mrs. Robert W. Van Camp 1972-1974
Mrs. Charles E. Bradley 1970-1972
Mrs. John T.D. Rich 1968-1970
Mrs. John S. Nussbaum 1966-1968
Mrs. Renwick Case 1964-1966
Mrs. Mark H. Brown 1962-1964
Mrs. T. Cole Williams 1960-1962
Mrs. Robert R. Lindsey 1958-1960
Mrs. Harvey L. Rohde 1956-1958
Mrs. Curtis A. Abel 1954-1956
Mrs. Lyons Richardson 1952-1954
Mrs. Dwight Marshall 1950-1952
Mrs. Frank J. Brazel, Jr. 1948-1950
Mrs. Roger Hull 1946-1948
Mrs. Harder Smith 1944-1946
Mrs. C. Louis Fincke 1940-1944
Mrs. Jean Ware Hoyt 1936-1940
Mrs. Windsor C. Batchelder 1934-1936
Mrs. William A. Kelly 1932-1934
Mrs. George S. Wheat 1929-1932
Mrs. W. Lyman Campbell 1929
Mrs. Helen Scovill 1928
Mrs. Alfred N. Phillips, Jr. 1927-1928
Mrs. Solon C. Kelley, Jr. 1926
Mrs. Frederick Wildman 1925-1926
Miss Gertrude V. Ingersoll 1923-1925


Past JLSN Presidents at the Sustainer Awards Luncheon in 2023.