JLSN has three Member Status levels:

Provisional members are new members of JLSN who are in the process of completing the Provisional Training Course. Provisional members pay pro-rated membership dues, including a $25 course fee.

Provisional Collage

Active members are the heart of our volunteer efforts. Each Active member serves on a committee, known as a Placement and participates in community events, social events,  fundraising, and training opportunities throughout the year. Active members pay annual dues of $185, which includes AJLI dues.

Active Collage

Sustaining members of JLSN must have been active members of a Junior League for eight full years. Dues for Sustainers have three tiers based on date of birth ($130 for members born after June 30, 1950, $80 for members born before June 30, 1950, and none for members over 80 years of age). Sustainers have no meeting or placement requirements, but participate in Active events and volunteer opportunities as well as their own variety of fun programs, events, and social activities.

Sustainer Collage