Winter 5K

JLSN invites participants of all ages to join us for the Winter 5K now through March 31, 2021!

Once registered, participants must track their time while they run or walk a distance of five kilometers.  Kids ages 12 and under can participate via a distance of one mile. All participants should continue to submit their improved times for the 5K throughout the month. Each participant will receive a digital certificate for completing the 5K and have an opportunity to win prizes. Register here to join the fun!

5K Run/Walk:

  • Registration fee is $15 and includes unlimited 5K (3.1 miles) finish time submissions through the race period and a digital Finisher’s Certificate. We encourage all race participants to set goals, challenge themselves, and see improvements from now until the end of March!
  • Age: 13+

Kid’s Fun Run:

  • Registration fee is $5 and includes unlimited 1 mile race time submissions and a digital Finisher’s Certificate.
  • Age: 12 years and under

Finish Times/Photo Submission Instructions:

  • All finish time must be submitted through this Google Form. The deadline for all submissions is 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 31. We can’t wait to see how your improve! 🙂
  • Finish times for the 5K for adults must include a screenshot or photo upload from a tracking application showing both distance complete and finish time (Apple Fitness, MapMyRun/MapMyWalk, Runkeeper, Strava, Garmin, etc.)  Submit your screenshots through the event Google Form.
  • Finish times for the Kid’s Fun Run accepted on the honor system with no time screenshot necessary.
  • Race day photo submissions encouraged! Winners will be selected for Most Enthusiastic Athlete and Cutest Race Companion. These photos can also be submitted via the event Google Form.


  • Finish Times (5K)
    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
  • Finish Times (Kids Fun Run)
    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
  • Most Elite Athlete: Awarded to the 5K participant who submitted the most finish times throughout February and March.
  • Most Enthusiastic Athlete: Awarded to our most spirited participant! Let your creativity shine through the following: race attire (JLSN-red encouraged), largest support team, having the most fun, and getting creative! Submit your photos of your race time through the Google form and tag your social media posts with the hashtag #JLSN5K!
  • Cutest Race Companion: Selected based on photo submission of the racer and their companion (friend, child, pet, etc). Submit your photos of your race time through the Google form and tag your social media posts with the hashtag #JLSN5K!